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    Track Ideas

    Could be a good to create tracks based on some famous places of the world, in this way player arround the world could be more interested in the game.
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    Online Main Menu Online Features : Tournaments, Friends and Stake Races

    Wow! The idea is really cooñ, about the tournaments! I think rewards could be in game currency in order to buy cosmetics inside the game.
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    UI HUD

    I dont know but the camera could be nice if we could zoom in and zoom out? Like Rocket League.
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    Art Character Skins & Materials

    The actual pallete of colours are Nice! It would be nice (in the future) to check different character models, like in "Paladins", every character looks different with each the skins.
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    UI Main Menu UI (Main,Settings,Game Modes, Track Selection, Lobby)

    I think the CTRNF environment is only for testing. However the menu look nice!
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    Welcome - Introduce yourself :-)

    Hi! Good job guys! I hope to check this soon as possible! Keep going!